Softgate Limited
4a Upper Hall Close, Ipsley, Redditch, England, B98 0AL
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Softgate Ltd, 4a Upper Hall Close, Ipsley, Redditch, B98 0AL

About us and Cookie Policy

Who we are

Softgate Limited
Company number 12483640

4a Upper Hall Close
B98 0AL

Our website address is:

Who we are not

We are not anything to do with Capital on Tap, they are a totally separate company. We merely have a referral code that entitles us and any friends or businesses acquaintances we refer to get a £75 referral fee. (assuming they meet the criteria) 

What we do not do

We do not give any financial advice, we have no idea if the Capital on Tap business credit card is suitable for you. We do not recommended it to anyone, we just state the fact that it is available and you may qualify for the free £75 referral fee if you apply using our referral code.

The referral code is: 2REFC237G71

If you need financial advice you are in the wrong place. We don't have a clue. 


The site will not work without some cookies but we do not track any visitors in anyway that could identify them. We do use Google Analytics so we can see how many visitors the site gets but we cannot identify any individual users. 

We use this so we can get an idea if an advert or mailshot is successful as we can see the total number of visitors each day and can tie that in with advertising campaigns.

Who we share your data with

No one. Only Google analytics has it we don't. We don't ask for email addresses or any data from you. We do not store any cookie information.

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The promo code (2REFC237G71) to get the Free £75 has to be used when you complete the application form, or you will not be credited with the £75.00
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