Get a FREE £75 welcome bonus by using promotional code: 2REFC237G71 (The code is pre-populated if you use the link below)
Get £75 Sign up bonus

Capital on Tap Company Credit Card

Interest rates as low as 9.9% APR, though your rate may vary based on your business profile.
The application form only takes a couple of minutes to complete, and you'll get an instant decision without it leaving a footprint on your credit score. 

Who can apply?

Instant Decision

Additional Cards

No Fees

Why apply for the Capital On Tap Credit Card?

Capital On Tap
Who can apply? Ltd companies, LLP's, a partner, or a director.
Instant Decision: You will get an immediate YES/NO and it will not impact on your credit score.
Additional Cards: Members of staff, business partners, and directors an also have a card. Up to 20 extra cards, and you can set different credit limits for each if you wish.
No Fees:  No application fee or monthly or annual fees.
The standard card is free, but if you do opt for the "Business Rewards" card then that is £99 per year. The rewards card allows you to earn points every time you use the card for purchases.

You will qualify for the free £75 welcome bonus whichever card you opt for. (using promo code 2REFC237G71)

Most of our cardholders opt for the free version as it has all the benefits you'd expect. 56 days interest free on card purchases etc. 

For the full terms and conditions you can visit the Capital On Tap website, but make sure you insert the "Promo Code" 2REFC237G71 or you will not get the free £75 sign-up bonus.

Apply for the Capital On Tap Credit Card today

The promo code (2REFC237G71) to get the Free £75 sign up bonus is valid till 25th November 2022.

Don't delay apply now, and you should get your card in the post in around 7 business days. 

The £75 welcome bonus will be credited to your account within 30 days of you using the card for the first time. (Either a purchase or drawing down funds)

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a Capital on Tap business credit card you have to be a UK based company, CCJ clear and £24,000 minimum yearly turnover. promo code
Softgate Ltd, trading as 
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